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An infamous horror/demonic movie about some kind of paranormal/weird story

I dont really remember much of details about the movie, it was absolutely a movie that i watched it on TV.

It was about a beautiful redhead girl who was like 21-24 years old, who has had an interest in demonic stuff, so she went to a library when weird kind of gothic people at the library, showed her some books that she read… but i dont really understand the movie even when i watched it… because all the people who read some book just subconsciously jumped off the roof, and she finally at the end of the movie did the same..

i remember them chasing her for a reason i guess asking her to return the book or something like this..

i dont remember the actual time watching this movie, but its like maybe before 2012 i guess

some hints of the movie : many of the scenes were in the library. that redhead woman live alone at an apartment/house…

maybe some sort of creepy events happened to her that pushed her to go to that library to find out about whats going on with these creepy stuff..