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Bill Murray style character plays thepiano on a spaceship with identical looking attractive girls who might be clones or triplets that look like…

… a famous actress

There is a science fiction movie and at the end of it a character that might have been Bill Murray plays the piano and some girls who all look identical woo at his skills. It’s one of those early nineties science fiction movies that are kind of like bill and ted’s excellent adventure style comedies.


Would appreciate it if you know the title.

Romantic Comedy with a scene about cost vs worth

I am trying to remember the title of a film about a woman who meets a handsome guy in the city when she was in a line and wanted to buy some food or drink and she didnt have enough cash on her but a credit card or something, then a guy behind her pays for her because he says although the item costs less if he waited and paid just for him self it wasnt worth it because its worth the money to get the item sooner by paying for her’s too. I want to teach my Chinese friends in China about why white people are not as cheap as they are (because they are more trifty). The scene from teh movie would help illustrate the pont.

Sci Fi Comedy Ending

I remember in the 90’s I saw a  satire type of comedy perhaps made in the 80’s or early 90’s and at the end of the film one of the good guys was thrilled that all the girls that he was going to get looked like a famous actress who was a sex symbol at that time they all went into a spaceship where he plays the piano wooing the girls who all look identical and the spaceship tilts sideways while we hear him playing and singing with the girls wooing. I assumed the actor was Bill Murray but after exhausting all the movies he made listed in wikipedia I now have my doubts. I also checked out Bill and Ted’s Excelent adventure and I dont think its that one either.