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Old Nursery Rhyme Chicken Cartoon

Hello, this is an old cartoon (I’m 18, I saw this before the age of 5). It may have been black and white.


I remember the mother chicken was being slow roasted over a flame (perhaps by a wolf?) And a character, I think the one who was cooking her, was singing the one, two, buckle my shoe rhyme. The chicken son was watching. I recall seeing the mom as a cooked, headless chicken, but it may have been a decoy because I think she ended up surviving. Any help?

Short film about man in moon

I remember seeing this when I was little. i believe it was a short film. If I recall correctly, a father shows his son a telescope (by a pier?) and he looks through it and sees the man in the moon. as it zooms closer, the face gets more detail and possibly starts talking to him. its black and white i think. at the end, when it zooms out and the face gets less detailed, the boy gets sad (again, i think). its not ” a trip to the moon”. this has bugged me for a while. thanks in advance guys

Low budget horror movie-scarred girl, group holds victims hostage

i remember this film quite well, just not the title. its about a group of high school students who are constantly bullied. at one point the bullies corner 2 guys in the bathroom and break one of their cameras. so they all retaliate by throwing a party, in disguise, and knocking them all out with chemicals in the punch. they all wake up chained up. the main characters are in disguise. the main one has a trench coat and gas mask, a girl has a butterfly mask. and a black kid has a clown suit. at one point the black kid wants to opt out so gas mask guy stabs him and he dies. the way they torture their victims include: making a fat guy chop off a girl’s fingers, using a nail shooter thing (like in no country for old men) on a guy’s leg and face, and putting a slowly working acid on a girl’s face. eventually one of them escapes (a black jock i think) and tries to get help. the cop he finds gets killed and there is a quad chase. when they are found by the cops they kill themselves. the girl they put acid on is seen in a coffee shop, scarred, in the intro and conclusion of the film. her scenes are in black and white. thanks in advance

Airplane crash movie-lost in desert-windy/sandstorms/shows dead guy thats just a torso with no arms or legs

Yeah so I remember seeing this film when I was a kid, mid 2000s. I believe it’s about a group of people who get lost in the desert when their plane crashes, also its  very windy and sand blows everywhere for the majority of what i saw. the main thing i remember is a dead guy by the plane, his body without legs or arms. if anybody can help i will love you