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Only remember one scene..

Ok so I don’t really remember anything but one scene, so I will try to give as much detail as I can.

I saw this movie when I was very young and only remember this scene because (from what I remember) I don’t think I actually watched most of the movie because I found it pretty scary, so it is probably not a children/family movie.

I think I watched it in 2006 (mid-end of the year probably) and it was on a tv in someone’s house, so it was old enough to be released on tv/dvd (not still in cinemas). It was in English and colour I’m pretty sure.

So this scene:

There was a (or multiple) giant robot-like things and I think they were sort of sphere shaped. It was destroying a city and going around picking people up (possible killing them?) in giant net-like things i think. There was a father and daughter (i think it was a daughter) and they ended up getting separated because the father got picked up by the robot thing. When the robot thing was picking people up there was a lot of red liquid stuff (quite possibly blood, but maybe something else?). In the end I think the father made it back to the daughter.

And that is all I remember, sorry if it is vague, but really hope someone can help.