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Bad Italian / Spanish Horror movie

In around the year 2005 or so I believe I watched a really bad italian or spanish horror movie during the afternoon. My memory of it is oddly specific although probably faulty. There’s this group of 2 guys and 1 woman sitting in a train, an old man comes to them and says he can see their past using a crystal ball he has, they accept to see if he says the truth and then the movie tells three individual stories, the first one is one of the men who ends up transforming into a werewolf somewhere in mexico I believe, all i remember is there was a stone temple with a mask in a fountain that cried blood and the old man shows up as a werewolf hunter and kills him. The second story is a woman who takes her friend to plastic surgery and her friend is killed by a doctor who is the old man from the train, the doctor then makes her pass out and while unconscious glues her dead friends face to her own. The third story is the other guy in which while camping with his friends they are attacked by some kind of sea creature, a fishermen tells him where the creature lives, he goes there, kills it, then gets killed by the fisherman who removes his head band and shows he is also half fish monster. The movie then ends with them realizing they don’t know where the train is going, they head to the confuctor area and it turns out the train is standing still, inside a crystal ball floating through space on a desk I believe. Please help this movie is soo absurd it has changed my life and I really need to know I didn’t dream this.