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Chinese woman kicks nuts repeatedly

The scene I remember from this movie takes place in a room that looks like a bedroom/kitchen, i forgot, but a man seemingly tried to harrass a woman by trying to kiss/rape her, i don’t remember. But then a Chinese woman comes in and kicks the man in the balls repeatedly until he fell to the ground and puke to save the woman, i think the women were crying afterwards or something. If anyone knows, can someone pls tell me the movie name ? 

Wierd Movie From High School With People w/ pig snouts singing pig latin icky i icky tay fu&$ you were sort of the lyrics so not Ginger…

…Roberts Im in the money

In high school I saw a weird movie at a party. If I remember right it was black and white, and the people in the scene I remember had pig snouts. They were singing a “F—- You” song in pig Latin. Once years ago in Blockbuster I described it about like this to a guy and he immediately knew the name of the movie and for the past 15 years I have tried to remember what it was called and can’t. Anyone? Was NOT the Ginger Roberts movie I’m in the money..

Looking for movie I saw as a kid on TV

A teen boy rapes a girl. A few years later he then winds up in jail and draws a picture of himself on the wall. He is ordered to clean it up and has a bucket of cleaner. He then gets into fight in jail, gets blinded when the bucket of cleaner is thrown in his face. The cleaner also hits the drawing resulting in a image of Christ to appear. He becomes a preacher and has a large following. When he is famous one of his female followers is the girl he raped as a teen. She stabs him. That’s all I remember…

Black and White Horror Short

A few years back I found this  black and white video on youtube and I believe it was an older short, maybe from 1970s to 1990s. Not too sure but it looked older by the effects and quality. The short was maybe around over a minute or two minutes long. It was a camera shot of a mans head on a tile floor like he was dead with fading in images of him moving his face in pain and such. I also think he may have been bleeding too in some clips. It used to be on youtube now I can’t find it. If anyone knows what it is or how to see again I’d appreciate it.

Old Black and White with Giant Brain Creature and Aatronauts

I remember seeing a film when I was young (in the 70’s).  It was black and white.  All I really remember about it is that some astronauts encounter some kind of brain creature.  There is some conversation (it speaks telepathically), and it ends up eating one of them.  I have been searching for a while to find out what movie it is, without any luck.

Does anyone know this WW2 movie

I cannot recall the title of a WW II movie i saw.  The scene that stands out for me is toward the end after the US Army has liberated a concentration camp.  The mayor of the local German village comes to the camp and complains that the villagers can hear Jewish religious songs and find them offensive.  The officer in charge of the liberated camp responds by forcing the villagers to tour the camp and see what was going on there.  I hope someone knows the name of this movie.  Thanks.