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Man tries to kill girl. She kills him instead, covers herself in his blood, and walks into a diner to call the cops.

Saw this in the late 90’s early 2000’s. A man threatens to kill a girl and then have sex with her corpse. She says that that is disgusting and somehow manages to kill him with a gun (I think) instead. She then covers herself in his blood and makes her way to way to a diner. It is full of people that are shocked to see her covered in blood, including a waitress. The girl asks where the bathroom is so she can clean up. Someone calls the cops, she is arrested and thrown in jail. Her cell mates are other young girls in their late teens-ish. The last thing I remember is on of the girl’s cells mates crawling into bed with her – though I’m not positive.


This has been bugging me for years. Appreciate the help.

Opening Scene: Girl shares a cab with a man who has a wedding ring. He makes a move, she stabs him.

I saw this movie as a child. I remember that a young adult or teenage girl is looking for a ride. A man in a suit offers to share a cab. She hesitates, but he shows her his wedding ring and she gets in. Later they end up in a hotel room, I think he is in a bathrobe. He outs his hand on her shoulder and makes a move on her, so she stabs him in (I think) the eye, and leaves the room.