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A movie I saw a very long time but can’t remember its name.

Recently I’ve been revatching some old sci-fi fantasy type movies I’ve watched in the past and after seeing Predators too I vaguely remembered a movie I saw when I was a kid on television.

If I can recall corectly it too has a jungle setting, so it also happens in a forested area, with soldiers and also alien lifeforms. Can’t really recall if its a three-way battle, but one character comes to my mind, the protagonist who was played by a black man and seemed to be an alien himself if not a cyborg or something. He fought the humans or the alien (can’t remember well sorry) but I remember he had a weird robotic laughter that became kind of a thing in the movie especially at the end.

If my description however vague can give others any idea what movie I’m talking about I’d appreciate the help 🙂