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Early/Mid 80’s tv episode that I’ve been searching for every since I can remember. Help finding it would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

I was a kid, 9-10 years old when I watched this and a few scenes stuck in my mind since. A 10ish year old boy and girl go inside a old house next door and find a secret/hidden door that lead them to a secret room underground where they become trapped by a cave-in surrounding the door. They keep looking for a way out and find a lot of money, mostly burned. They are trapped overnight. They find and eat stale crackers that had been in the room for a untold amount of time. The two also find a skeleton of the person who they thought had burned the money to stay warm before he passed. They know the name of the man but I can’t remember it. I believe he was a mean old man that kept to himself and didn’t like people in general. They hear a friend, a boy playing on a tree above them, and hit on the tree roots to get his
attention. The boy playing near the tree above ground first thinks it’s their ghosts he hears because he knows at the time that the kids were missing. It’s a family friendly mystery that reminds me of a After School Special but I’ve searched and searched all of them. Isn’t Twilight Zone either. It is in color and made in the USA or
Canada. Please help. I’ve been wanting to find/watch this again for many many years.
Thank you kindly for your time.


Appreciate your time helping me find a movie/tv episode.

I’m looking for a 1980’s tv show where either 2 or 3 kids are in a old home and find a secret door and end up underground where they find money that had been mostly burned along with a full skeleton of the person who was believed to had all the money selfishly with him. The kids are eventually rescued underground under a tree when they hear a friend above ground and start hitting on the trees roots to be located. I believe it was a boy and a girl and it was kinda like a mystery after school special but I did look at all the after school specials and couldn’t find it there. Any help would be highly appreciated.