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Man about to have lunch is recruited for a search – and can’t eat!

The movie is a comedy filmed in black and white I saw in the seventies (1976 or before), but it is older, probably from the thirties.

It starts when our hero is about to have lunch. A person or several come and after a brief exchange they all go out looking for someone else. The movie unfolds in a similar fashion: they go to several houses, always looking for this person, and at each house there’s something to eat. Alas, our here can never indulge. He becomes increasingly desperate to eat as the movie goes.

Finally they find who they were looking for at a big smart party where there’s a banquet ready. A foodfight ensues, and our hero finally gets to eat something. The final scene is of him digging into a something (chicken leg?) sitting at the bottom of the water-filled swimming pool.