Asian movie which includes a few short stories which in the end connect to a big story

I saw this movie a few years ago (i Think it was 2015) on a Flight to Tokyo ftom Germany ( I flew with Lufthansa).

I remember that it was an Asian movie (i Think Korean But i am Not sure).

One story was about a Woman Who got pregnant by a doctor, but he just had a One night Stand with her (i Think she was a nurse or she just cleaned in the hospital he worked at). After she realises that he wasn’t really in love with her she got angry, and went to a restaurant where he ate something with bis new girlfriend. Suddenly she finds a Gun in her bag and She tries to kill him but she fails….the whole story takes place at the restaurant But i don’t know what else happened…..i just think that in the end the doctor realises that he actually is in love with her and they become a couple. (I Think the Woman is wearing Jogging clothes all the time)

Another story is about a young boy who is at his school. He belifes in aliens and he wants to contact them on the rooftop of the school. The other kids are laughing at him while he holds his finger up in the Air shouting something over and over (i don’t remember what he said). I don’t remember more but i think in the end he succeeds and he contacts aliens.

I don’t remember much more…i Think there was one more story with a bad guy and the bag with the Gun belongs to him but he exchanged it with the pragnent Woman by accident. And this is how these two stories are connected.

That is all i remember. It was in korean or Japanese or something like this with english subtitles.

I Hope that i didn’t, mix something up…..hopefully someone can help me 🙂 thanks

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