Asian Animated Movie. A girl who finds a drum in an attic of a house and plays it at night and some…

…creatures follow her.

There was this Asian cartoon movie that I saw around 6 years ago, I borrowed the dvd from a friend. Part of the movie is about a girl who finds a drum of some sort in the attic of an old lady’s house (not sure if it’s her grandma), and she later plays the drum at night in a forest. She starts noticing creatures/spirits following her and when she stops the creatures stop moving..
That’s all I remember from the plot.
I’m 80% sure it wasn’t Japanese.
The movie was in colour.
Not sure if this would be helpful: At that time I also borrowed from her the movie : Yobi, the five tailed fox (the reason I know the title of this one is cuz I searched it up, but for some reason I couldn’t find the title of this one).

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