Anime movie

I had this VHS anime film I think it was about mid 90’s. It was dubbed in finnish. It was the very first anime movie i ever saw. If I remember correctly it was some kind of ‘high-school love story’.  Nothing supernatural. All I can remember is that there was this boy (for some reason I think his name was Gary) who was in love with some girl and he always did something stupid when he tried to get close with the girl. So this movie was some kind of comedy i guess… And I’m not sure if this helps but i think that beach had something to do with the movie.

This movie was first part of series of movies and I never saw any but this first part and what a cliffhanger it was at the time. 🙂 I would have done anything at the time to get my hands on the second part but i never did. In fact i have never seen a trace of that movie since. I’ve bee aching to see this movie again.

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