Animation film about a coward child

I saw this movie on TV on a channel which broadcast children’s programs and British, Russian, Hungarian, etc. animation (Like “Count Duckula” “Penny Crayon”, “The Family Ness”, “Willy the Sparrow”…) and American animation films little known, as “The railway dragon”. This movie was 2D animation and I saw it in the late 90’s or early 2000s, so probably was made in the 80s or early 90s. I’m not sure if the movie is american or european. The film is starred by a boy who was coward. In company of another character he began a fantastic journey, I think into the world of dreams. Maybe the child was afraid by nightmares. At the end of the film appeared the villain, the King of Nightmares, an evil doppelganger of the child. He looked exactly like the child but with gloves and slippers clawed monster, similar to this:

I think this character appeared in the room of the protagonist.

After defeat the king of nightmares he overcome one’s fear too and he dont be afraid again.

I’m not sure but I guess that the child was black.

Definitely is not “Little Nemo in Slumberland”, neither an episode of “Midnight Patrol”.

5 thoughts on “Animation film about a coward child

    1. Nya! yes! this is the film that I saw! :3 It’s funny because In my mind this animation wasnt it so obscure. I didnt remember the disturbing design of the monsters X3 Thank you very much for you help ^^ (megahug)

      1. You are really the luckiest asker ever, limaneko. 4 mysteries, none obvious, all solved quickly by different users. I wish everyone could get answers as fast as you have!

        1. Nya, its the luck of the cat X3 I am very grateful to all of you for helping me to clear many mysteries. I also want to help others, but so far I havent been able to solve the mysteries of others.

          Again, thank you very much ^^

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