Animated / Cartoon Movie about Time Travel. Please Help.

Saw this movie maybe around early 2000’s (2003 – 2006). I think it was on Disney Channel. It’s in English. Even vaguely remember what characters look like. If only I could draw well…

So here’s how the movie goes as far as I could remember.

A red-haired early 20’s guy travels in to time and was send to this desert where a community lives in a dome. The community wears something similar to what Pocahontas wears but lighter in color. The guy first meets a blonde bob-cut girl with I think large blue eyes and some weird symbols on her face. She showed the guy around the dome and lets him stay after his time machine went missing. The guy even teaches the girl or some of the community how to skateboard. The guy lent the girl a pair of shades with green tinted lens.

At night, the community offers or leaves behind food on a ritual type of place where it is a hole on the center of it. It turns out that there are others living below the sand in the desert. I think there were called “sand people”. Some that were shown are big and ape-like looking. Those sand people got hold of the guy’s time machine after a sand storm which they brought back to their place. This is as far as I’m mostly sure about the story.

Not sure about this part, where the guy and girl travel back in the guy’s time or even further which they saw the city and a limo.

Please please please help me remember or this movie. It’s been stuck in the back of my mind, constantly popping out every now and then. Thanks in advance for the help.

11 thoughts on “Animated / Cartoon Movie about Time Travel. Please Help.

        1. OMG!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have definitely eased a pain in my mind hahaha. I knew it was a movie. I even watched the real-life one with the creepy people who can’t live under the sun.

          Really thank you :3. omg.

        2. This is late but whatever. For the past year or so, I have been remembering this movie. My mind kept focusing on it, “what was it called”. It was bugging me, thank you so much.

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