An 80’s (ish) movie about a sock and fighting….?

Ok, I don’t have much on this movie, but here’s what I remember.  There was fighting (maybe Karate, or something martial arts related) in a ring, or atleast I kinda recall it being competitions style with crowds and stuff.  There were two brothers or friends, one was older, and he always needed his favorite fighting sock on for confidence or something….  The younger one I think saves the day when he conquers all obstacles to get the older one his sock either during or before the final fight of the movie!  Now I could be a good bit off with some details, but this movie might have run on similar style to the Sylvester Stalone movie “Over the Top”, where the sock is sorta equivalent to the Hat being turned around, honestly, I don’t even remember if I enjoyed this movie.  I’m not even sure it was in English, I only remember watching it when I was a kid.  I think the sock was white, or maybe white with some graphic or pattern on it….  Let’s see what ya’s come up with!

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