Aminated movie about a female assassin/ninja

Hopefully someone will recognise this as its been 20+ years since i saw it.

So things I remember;

  • It was old style amine (think Thundercats style of animation)
  • It was about a female operative on a mission
  • She was incredibly stealthy
  • There was a scene where she wiped out a number of generic guards and moved on but the movie stayed on scene for a little with one injured guard weeping for the death of her colleague (this struck me as very novel at the time).
  • She fails the mission in a stupid way such as tripping up or similar and being killed.
  • The second she is killed it switches back to her apartment where a massive flamethrower pops out of the ceiling light fitting and torches her entire place to wipe out any trace of her.

Hopefully I have remembered these correctly and someone will be able to help.


7 thoughts on “Aminated movie about a female assassin/ninja

  1. Thanks for the speedy reply. I’m not totally sure that’s it although it does fit with some of the things i remember like the tripping up. And the time fits.

    But I cant think I’d have been watching MTV then and I don’t remember it being as sexualised as that. I’ve tried to find the two scenes i remember in my post but cant find them yet in Aeon Flux.

    I’ll keep looking through some episodes.

    1. i am pretty sure it’s what you’re looking for..the story cut-away scene with the wounded guard that you recall is in this series – maybe Season 2 – and unmistakably Aeon Flux. so is the constant reset of the main character and her tendency to be killed due to foolish errors.

  2. Thanks GG you were spot on. After spending the last few hours watching way too much aeon flux I found it in season 1 episode 1 which seems to be like a 10 min pilot.
    Thanks again. I’ve often wondered what it was over the last 20 years.

    Definitely solved.

    1. oh, excellent! happy to have helped you, Ganders! thanks for coming back and confirming so quickly.

      i remember when the pilot aired during the first episode of Liquid TV. they packed a lot of story and memorable imagery into that ten minutes! the rest of the series is a bit of a blur, which is why i thought the crying guard may have been from much further in.

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