All I can remember is a Rabbit’s Foot Necklace

Okay, so I saw this movie when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

It was the beginning of the movie, and all I can remember is two boys, probably around 10 or so, where riding bikes and came across this old factory or warehouse.

They walked around for a little bit, and came across this area that was a big drop off, and the only was across is was to walk on a long board that went across.

Well, one boy made it all the was across it, perfectly fine, even though the music was very intense. He then called his friend over, who I think had glasses on, but anyways, the kid with the glasses didn’t want to walk over.

He finally got talked into it, and started to walk, but once he got to about the middle of it, he fell off and fell a long way down the “chasm”, and the other boy tried to call him and he didn’t answer. There was a silence and then a loud echoed thud once he hit the bottom.

The OTHER kid then went down there, freaked out, took the other’s Rabbit Foot Necklace and took off.
That’s all I saw of it, cause then my dad’s girlfriend changed it and said I didn’t need to watch it, and it has been bugging me ever since. I hope someone can help me, so I can actually look it up or keep an eye out for it so I can watch it and see what it’s all about.

3 thoughts on “All I can remember is a Rabbit’s Foot Necklace

    1. I wasn’t able to find a clip with that scene in it, but it’s definitely from “The Final Cut”

      ‘Alan walks down to where the boy fell and takes the rabbit’s foot necklace from his neck, then he thinks he steps in the boys blood, it turns out that he remembered wrong and it was actually just red paint!’

  1. Yep, it has to be “The Final Cut” with Robin Williams and Jim Caviezel.

    The part that you are saying is the very beggining with RW´s character as a child playing with another kid in some kind of construction site.

    The kid falls down to his aparent death with Williams character being traumatized for years, but at the end it was revealed that he was alive and soaked in red paint, he didn´t die.

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