Alien Spaceship Movie

I’m trying to remember this movie that I watched as a child. So I definitely watched it in the 80’s and it might have been a late 70’s or 80’s sci-fi. I don;t think it had the greatest special effects, but I could be wrong. The basic plot is this alien gets loose on a spaceship. I think the alien was very campy and maybe even comic. The crew of the spaceship kept being killed off one at a time, and every time someone died, the remaining people would take something that was left over and put it in some kind of drawer or portal, maybe out into space or maybe not. I think one of the items was  captain;s hat. Another might have been glasses. By the end of the movie, I think there is only a man and a woman left, but I can be wrong about that too.  I also think there may be a point where they defeat the alien, and then have  a nightmare that the alien is actually still alive. It breaks through their table or something like that. I’m stuck with just these random images.

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