adult girls vs. boys movie, in color, most certainly 80s

I have seen this one during the very early nineties on TV.
All i remember was that there was a group of young ladies being trained (in what i totally do not remember).

There’s basically only one scene i remember: All these girls sit in a row (or circle) putting stones into the backpack of the girl sitting in front of them (as ballast for a running exercise). One girl picks up this ridiculous large rock thinking about putting it into the back pack of the girl in front of her. But the whole thing backfires as the ‘instructor’ spots her and let’s her run uphill carrying that rock herself.

And there is some other scene where a ‘fight’ ensues on roller skates in some roller dome…

sorry, that’s basically all i can remember… with that little info it’s hard to find on imdb or google 🙂

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