actress takes a break from the screen by going to the country

It was an older movie, it should be in color.

There was an actress who was taking a break from the screen and went to the country to lay low for a while. (i don’t remember why she was taking a break)

i Do remember that there was a guy who stopped bye her house quite a bit. It might have been her Manager.

Anyway she ends up taking in three orphan kids who she finds in her backyard.

and there was a scene where they were trying to raise money for a church or something and she brings an old ugly water fountain ( i believe) and they start the bidding and no one bids anything so she ends up buying her fountain back.

towards the end of the movie there was a scene in her backyard with the orphans/ runaways. They were hiding from someone who was suppose to have taken them away.

I believe the Actress might have been Doris Day but have been unable to actually confirm if it was her or not.


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