Action/spy movie

Best I can remember: I saw this on TV, sometime late ’80s – mid ’90s. I only caught one scene, but it was weird. I like weird. I thought it was a movie, but not sure. Definitely on cable and in colour. The guy I think was the main character gave me kind of a Man in Black vibe, suit and all. Sunglasses and neat hair maybe. His enemy had captured him and tied him with rope to a chair. He was in a large room, maybe a basement. His friend, a midget, had also been captured and his enemy had hidden said midget in one of three piles of hay. Our hero didn’t know which pile and said enemy started poked the piles with a spear or other sharp implement of death with the goal of psychologically torturing the hero. While all this is happening, the hero starts using a playing card to try and cut his ropes.

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