Absolutely no idea…

I remember that there was an evil person(s)/monster(s) stealing innocent (little) girls from the town, dressing them in white dresses, and placing them to rest in coffin-like chambers for a sacrifice (or something). There were at least 6 girls missing, and the evil needed 6, 7, or 11 girls (the last girl “stolen” was much older, I think blonde, and was part of the main characters[who were two guys I think]) for whatever their plan was. At the end, after the evil was defeated and the girls are free from the sleeping spell, all the missing girls walk toward the camera in their white dresses.


I watched this probably around 2010? Don’t remember any actors. It was in color. It was in English. It’s definitely a movie.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely no idea…

  1. I am Not really sure but maybe Brothers Grimm or Hansel and Gretel witch hunters (the story sounds very similar to these movies)

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