About romance and racism?

So, this particular scene from a movie has been on my head for 5-7 years or more ever since I saw my mother watch it. I only remember some stuff from it, so here it goes:

I remember watching a conversation between white guys and one of them started talking about his wife. His friends (?) then said something like “she could have been white as snow, but she is black as midnight” and then everyone except the husband started laughing.

Next scene I remember was that the husband and dark skinned wife were at their house, and the husband wanted them to rush to catch a train (I think). Before that, the wife showed him a picture of their daughter and the husband was surprised and asked something like “that’s our daughter?” I then remember that they tried to rush to the train but it was too late; the white guys broke in their house, grabbed the black wife and started breaking glasses. I think they hit the wife.

Only thing else I remember was that the husband was in the future talking about this as he saw a picture of his wife. (This whole scene might not have happened this way, though.)


Hope you can help me!

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      1. I think it may be one of the “Cold Case” episodes – s01e13 called “The letter”.
        Here, you can find the description of that scene: “In a flashback of a bar that night, Pierce and three other men are demeaning Sadie while Jonesy sits nearby, uninvolved. Jonesy is surprised to learn that they intend to attack her that night. He rushes to the boarding house, calling for her. In the present, Jonesy says she wouldn’t leave, so he left. (…) Pressured, Jonsey tells what really happened that night. At the boarding house, Jonesy tries to convince Sadie to leave without telling her exactly why. When he tells her of his plan to go to New York, Sadie wonders about her daughter. Jonesy says they can send for her but he balks when Sadie shows him her picture. He tells Sadie that while she can pass for white, her daughter can’t. Sadie tells Jonesy that he really doesn’t love her. That’s when the Fifth Day arrive. They think that Jonesy had a head start, so they don’t suspect him. Together, with Jonesy standing helplessly by, they pin Sadie down on a table and rape her. She screams and Jonesy puts his hand over her mouth, her fingernails gripping and cutting into his arm. When the men are done, they are shocked to find that Sadie is dead.” (http://coldcase.wikia.com/wiki/The_Letter)

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