Abandoned planet filled with monsters (Probably around 2000)

I think I was about 6 – 8, which is around 15 years ago, I was lying in bed watching movies as I tried to fall asleep. and came across this movie.


I think the plot of it was some space travellers arriving at a previously inhabited planet. As they arrive there, noone seems to be alive and there are skeletons everywhere. As they explore the planet further, they find out that alot of zombie like monsters lurk in the shadows, and they are caught offguard and have to flee.

One attempt to slow down the monsters is to sacrifice one of the crewmembers, a very frightened woman, by locking her in with them in some sort of airlock. As the airlock closes the monsters lurk closer, and when it shuts completely, sounds of slaughter can be heard. When the sounds die down, they open the airlock again, and in there the girl stands, covered in blood and with all the monsters dead around her. In her hands she holds two curly blades.

I really want to know the name of that movie, and I hope some of you can help me!

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