A scifi horror, alien in human form

I saw it in TV in early 2000s, it was scifi horror, kinda reminds me of Event Horizon, where the aliens take form of humans and deceive their friends. It takes place in another planet, and I think the characters are spaceship crews. I can only remember the last scene, where there were only 2 survivors, a guy and a woman, they’re about to leave the planet, but an alien in the form of the woman punched the real one right through her head, but then the guy survived, and he leaves. In the last scene, the camera pans back and reveals something to hint that the alien is in the spaceship with him. It was in color. I found it on Imdb once but I forgot the title, I think it’s foreign (like European) but I’m not entirely sure, the 2 actors from the last scene are caucasian though. I remember it has sequel. For anyone who happens to know the title please tell me, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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