A movie with demonic impregnation from possible Asian Myth

The movie was from a rented DVD from Hollywood Video from 10 years ago. It was colored movie in English.

The movie was about a tall and bald human like demon lord entering the human world through impregnation of a woman. There was scene of villagers chasing a pregnant woman to kill her because she was impregnated by the demon lord. The woman gave birth to the child who grew instantly to a full-grown demon (tall and bald human like). He killed the woman who gave birth to him and I think he brought destruction to the world.

The movie enters the modern world, an young American was taking his younger brother (I think) swimming. He notice an attractive Asian girl diving. He chit-chat with his friends about her appearance. His younger brother suddenly starts drowning and the girl helps and rescues him. the older brother thanked her and became friend with her after that.

The Asian girl’s father told her that she is part of the family history whom the legendary demon king tries to impregnate to enter this world. There was a scene that in her dream, the demon lord rapes her on a slab with fire or magma (hell like). She becomes pregnant and her father tries to kill her. The American guy comes to her rescue. She gives birth later and they find a way to defeat the demon lord.

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