A movie I remember a while back ago in psychology class

This has been a long while ago so this may seem a bit choppy but at the same time I can’t stop thinking about this, it’s like random memories about this movie and I do remember being interested in it.

So to start off the movie from what I remember was a man trying to leave his state or city to find another woman but unable to leave his city or state. I remember he tried getting a flight but wasn’t allowed leave and the worker woman said the tickets were ‘sold out’ as a excuse. I think he had a wife or a roommate that was a nurse, I remember she biked to work on a very retro looking bike. I remember the man went into her work and saw something he wasn’t suppose to see and I believe he blacked out and woke back up and everybody in the town was acting like nothing happened. One scene I remember fondly was the man and the girl he’s looking for was in a flash back on a beach or together somewhere at night and they had a kiss, I think, and the woman’s father was watching and took the woman away and moved her to another state.

That’s all I can remember, hopefully someone knows what movie I’m thinking of.

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