A movie about soldiers escaping

I just know the story of this movie. please, help me. I really need its name.

this is the story I remembered:

in a war (maybe WW) 4 soldiers try to escape from their camp & then they escaped from camp. after that first days was good until they run out of food & then they start hunting & snow come then they can’t hunt. they start to eat each other. when one of them became seek or wounded, others kill and eat him. finally two of them arrived to the beach & waiting for die other one then one of them died & other soldier cook his hand & eat.

This is all thing I remembered. I’m waiting for your answer. It’s maybe an old movie.

3 thoughts on “A movie about soldiers escaping

    1. No, it’s not that. that film is about 4 soldiers that escaped from their camp but this is not. thank you.

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