a movie about kidnapping

Hello, I watched a movie very recently and I’m looking for a song from it but I don’t remember the title. It was an American film, in color, I don’t know the time frame but rather newer than older (though it seems to be set in the 90’s/00’s (I think? anyway, no smartphones)) and I don’t know any actors. It was on TV, late at night. The movie was quite disgusting, but it’s about a song.

So the plot: I remember that there is a blonde girl with long hair. Her parents are divorced (her mum left) and she is at her mum’s house now, eating dinner/supper with her mum (scene is rather dark, in the evening). She is ‘teenager angry’ at her mum for not letting her go on a party (even though her dad let her) and goes to her room. There she decides to go anyway, she dresses up nicely, takes cab money and sneaks out. On the way to finding a taxi stop she is disturbed by a middle aged couple (later we find out that the woman is in a weird relationship with this mam, she has children with someone else, but isn’t allowed to see them, seems as if she is less of a psycho than him) in a car. They want to sell her weed, they are nagging her, but are trying to seem trustworthy. They propose that she goes with them to their house (because they’ve just run out of weed) and there she will be able to call a cab. She agrees and goes, at first she doesn’t want to enter, but then the woman gives her a cig, then propose alcohol, they talk, they seem nice, so finally she comes in. They drug her there (that’s when the song plays, the couple dances together while the girl realizes that something is wrong) and chain her to bed (she screams terribly). In the morning the mam leaves and the woman comes in to give her food, she tried to escape but can’t cause the woman threatens her with a knife. She asks why, tells her that her dad is a surgeon and has money.

After all that, she is made write a letter to her mum that she run away (kinda because of her). Then she is supposed to go back to the room with the bed, but asks to go to the toilet, on their way there the man comes back (he was at the shop, he was stopped by some drug sellers about owing them money) and tells the woman to rest and that he will go to the toilet with the girl. The wife is jelaous, she knocks on the door of the toilet and starts kissing the man while the girl tries to escape. They hear the dog barking, noone is in the bathroom so they run to find her. She has been hiding in the tub, waiting for them to leave, she runs to the kitchen to grab a knife and then she tries to run away, but the man grabs her. Neighbours hear sth but the wife tells them to go away. Then the man blames the wife on this and tells her to go drop the letter off and but him sth. When she leaves he wants to rape the girl. There is a lot of screaming, he doesn’t get to it because she peed on him. The wife comes back and realizes and is mad, but silent.

That’s all I’ve seen, cause I switched the program afterwards.

At the same time there are scenes with the parents, they call each other, think she just is hungover after the party, but after a while they go to the police (the police tells them to come back another time because she probably is at a friend’s hous or sth). They find the letter, they argue, then the man asks the exwife to come back but she says that she will never come back and so the man leaves.

That’s all I remember, I saw it the day before yesterday or sth, it isn’t anything recognizable. Please help, I really want this song, thanks!

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    1. The two songs prominently featured are Cat Stevens’ “Lady D’Arbanville” (during the “bedroom” scenes) and Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” (in the final scene). Is either the song you are seeking?

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