A movie about granny babysitter and two thieves with paint guns

I remember I watched in on Jetix, a granny always played the lottery in her shack underneath the stairs, she was the babysitter who was babysitting two little twins*? One a boy and the other a girl, the parents left somewhere a vacation*? Then two thieves dressed in bee costume with yellow paint guns, robbed into the granny’s house while the children tunneled trough the house. Granny also had secret money stash in her roof, the thieves were looking for her money. She also mostly stayed inside her shack locked up. The last scene was where the police arrived and ordered everyone to step out of the house. The grandma was arrested along with the thieves for stolen money and damage. I clearly remember that thieves used much of the yellow paint gun. They also splashed the paint on grandmas face. I don’t remember else.. :/

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