A movie about a Victorian ghost in a mansion.

The movie, from what I remember; is about a male ghost dressed in Victorian era garments(full ruffled collar and embroidered suit) haunting his former mansion and still grief stricken about the loss of his wife from his former life.

The only scene I remember is;  in order to get the ghost to show himself a man sets up a projector and projects an image of the ghosts’ wife. The ghost then appears and is mesmerized by the hologram like projection. The projection then stops and the ghost then becomes angered, yelling at the man to:  “bring her back!”  The man with the projection equipment then begins to collapse and appears to have a heart attack.

The only other thing about this movie I remember is the ghost seems to bond with young girl who is in the mansion for some reason.

I remember watching this movie a couple of times on television in the mid 90’s.  I’m not sure if it was a made for t.v. movie; but from the production quality I would assume it is from the 1980’s.  If anyone knows the title and can help me out I would be most appreciative.  I would love to watch this movie again and see if it is as good as I recall.


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  1. Sounds like The Canterville Ghost. I’ve seen at least two different TV movie versions. I think one in the 90’s had Patrick Stewart as the ghost.

    1. Thank you very much Erik. The Canterville Ghost (1986) was the movie in which I have been searching for , for a long time.

  2. The movie is not High Spirits, although I love that movie.

    Not to long ago I had found the Canterville Ghost(with Patrick Stewart) thinking I had finally found the movie I was looking for but it wasn’t. Though I was unaware there were two movies with the same title, I will look for the other one you mentioned and will let you know what I find.

    Thx for your time and effort.

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