A long shot

So I have been searching for this for a long time and I know I probably will never see it again, but I remember these scenes really leaving a mark on me.


So as a kid I was watching tv (in Denmark) about 12 years ago.

And I really only remember 2 scenes, it was a foreign movie and I think it was Asian. The first scene is a Asian kid running with a colorful pinwheel (wind toy)

The other scene is in that kids room (they lived in a tall apartment building) he or she has a pet bird of some kind in a cage on the windowsill. The kids mom or dad is angry over something and the pet bird (a budgie?) is pushed somehow and falls out of the window. The kid runs down to the bird and it’s dead.


I have tried something like this before a bunch of years ago but no one knew anything, sometimes I think that I dreamed the whole thing up. Thanks for reading it all anyways, maybe you knew it…

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