A kidnapped boy returns.

Cant remember when i saw it but it was a movie and it was english language. It was collered so modern.

I remeber that its a family of 5 i think. A mom and Dad, two boys and a Girl. When They were younger They were to an event in the street (I think the Dad is some sort of politician) and the koder brother and sister were supposed to look out for their brother but They Lost him. He wasnt found until he came to a police station claiming to be that boy (i think the family is Rich) and he Got Home and They afsked what happend and he Said that he was taken and held captive, and that he escaped the first time he Got the chance. The læder brother was skeptic bit the sister and others thought it was him. I also remeber the police asked him if he remebered anything while held captive and he Said something about he could see a dragon or something like that.

would love to see the movie again so im waiting for Any replies. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help me.

Bless you

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