a hostage / robbery movie

In this movie a guy is taking his girlfriend to his family house to introduce her to his parents. They are a reach family and during dinner time guy and his girlfriend goes to a cellar/a dark room to make out all of a sudden a group of robbers break into the house and start stealing paintings from the house and only survivors at the end is the guy and the girlfriend. at the end of the movie you realize that guy hired the robbers to kill his family for inheretence

3 thoughts on “a hostage / robbery movie

  1. “Below Utopia” aka “Body Count” 1997


    ‘Daniel, a young preppy, is coming to his family’s enormous mansion in the boonies with his girlfriend Susanne for Thanksgiving dinner. Their are family tensions, and Daniel is excommunicated from the family. In hope for escape, he heads down into the basement with Susanne, and just as they are getting comfortable, three art thieves break in and kill the whole family.’

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