A horror movie seen on accident.

I’m sure it was an accident, some time during 2000 – 2004 (I was in elementary school) during music appreciation class, we watched a movie. It was in color and, when I think back on it, had to be rather new-ish. It was on VHS and they played it for us on TV.

And I say it was an accident because what I remember… It seemed like a horror movie.

An older man is in a shop of sorts where he hallucinates demons (or they’re monsters only he can see) that begin to violently attack him, possibly to death. He runs out of the shop and into the street where he is either killed or simply dies from shock.

And that’s it, that’s all I remember. He had “last words” toward his son (or someone), I believe, before he simply died. And I’m sorry I can’t provide more! This is a memory that comes back, time and time again and I just wonder what the… heck that movie was and why we were allowed to watch it.

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