A farm boy moves to the city and clashes with the popular kids

The movie looked like it was made and took place in the 70’s or early 80’s. It was in color and in English. The father of a family died and the family had to sell the farm and their sheep and move to the city to survive. The boy needs a job and finds one by cleaning up a mechanic shop overnight after the owner first turned him away. The boy clashes a little with the popular kids at the high school he goes to. They race cars on the beach. The antagonist has a girlfriend that falls for the boy after she sees how nice and kind he is. At one time the boy gets locked in an outhouse which is then picked up and placed in wet cement on school grounds. The boy does not rat out the other cool kids although he knows who was involved. The boy also befriends another kid that is being picked on and in the end he races the cool kid on the beach with his souped-up old truck and wins in order to stop the bullying. The popular kid’s racing van turns over in the water and they all have to work together to save the passenger.

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