90s TV movie where kids with powers are taken by the government

I saw this movie back in the 90s on tv.  The movie involved the government collecting kids from all over the world and bringing them to a center where they would train and test them to try to exploit their powers. It centered around two kids in particular. A boy who could control minds and a girl who could heal. The main character is a buy who is investing this government facility and in the end is trying to help shut it down. Specially he helps the girl escape. The two main scenes I remember is the girl that can heal finds a dead or wounded bird during recess at school with the investigator there and then after she holds it he notices later that the bird was either alive again or able to fly again. The other scene I remember is the boy with mind control abilities that the government used and was sort of the villain takes over the investigating guy while he has the girl with him and stops on train tracks and locks them both in the truck to get hit by the train.

Hopefully this rings a bell for someone!

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