90s Dark Cinemax or similar quality film


I remember watching this film in the middle of the night back in the late 90s or turn of 2000. It was on Cinemax or similar and I don’t recall recognizing any of the cast. Anyhow, the story revolves around a girl and 2 guys in a car and I don’t recall if there was hitchhiking involved or not but I seem to recall that initially they were strangers. Anyhow, there is sex involved and I particularly remember that she liked to finger their anuses. There was also definitely some blood and death involved probably some guns and killing etc. I am pretty sure she also intentionally turned the guys against each other (to fight for her). I hope someone out there remembers this movie too.

7 thoughts on “90s Dark Cinemax or similar quality film

    1. I’m pretty sure that is it. I can’t believe I got a response so quickly. I will double check to be sure and give you the solve. Thanks a million Bill!

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