80s slasher movie at carnival or fair?

OK…here’s another one…

80’s slasher movie set at maybe a carnival, fair or some other end of school festival in a dark wooded park area with a pavilion or decorated tent. Not much else I remember except for towards the beginning there’s a party with a live band that looks like a bunch of undead gangsters that plays that 80’s retro rockabilly and had a stupid name like the Corpse Devilles (don’t hold me to that).

Note: ‘The Funhouse'(1980) seems like a good possibility but not totally…and…band could be John Carpenter’s Coupe Devilles but they never did the costume thing.


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  1. So I stumbled across the answer by accident. Read a posting called


    and…boom…#9 answered my question.

    The movie is Graduation Day (1981) and the band is Felony doing the song ‘Gangster Rock’.
    They’re actually in some sort of ‘indoor/outdoor’ roller rink in a dark park (which I guess reminded me of a carnival tent). I have NO idea where I got the name of the band from.

    Note: Apparently Felony had a minor hit in the early 80s with a song called ‘Fanatic’. Sans undead gangster outfits!

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