80s or earlier samurai series

I remember a Japanese series that was broadcast on a German language TV (SAT1 or RTL most likely) in the mid 80s, but the series was probably older.


The story was similar to The count of Monte Cristo in many points, but taking place in feudal Japan. The protagonist is a samurai or a noble who gets betrayed by a number other nobles and exiled (or perhaps imprisoned) on an island. The series follows him after the returns and takes revenge on them. The only detail I remember is that he left a black flower (Orchid? Lotus? …) that only grew on the island he was exiled to as his “calling card”.

I (mis)remember the name of the protagonist as Skinoski or something similar (Shinoshi perhaps?).

The series was subbed in German with Japanese audio.

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  1. Thank you for your help, seems weird that i googled “Japanese Monte Cristo” and this never came up, since it’s the starting description on IMDB. In any case, thank you again.

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