80s movie…girl from ocean and a big-ass sea turtle

Late 70s early 80s…prologue has young boy playing with girl on beach. Girl disappears into ocean. Drowns? Years later boy comes back to seaside town as man and starts seeing the young girl now as mysterious woman that seems to come out of ocean and is friend to giant sea turtle. His buddy is the captain of a fishing boat (played by ex-football player?) and at end is dragged to bottom by the turtle.

Its right at the front of my brain but I can’t Google the sucker…plus I’m liking the process of seeing who’s got more movie knowledge rolling around their skull. So…help me put my mind right and halp me out.

5 thoughts on “80s movie…girl from ocean and a big-ass sea turtle

  1. SOLVED…’sandnc’ got it about 15 minutes. How could I forget a young connie sellecca and a movie made by the dudes that did the f-ing Rudolph clay-mation movies. Ooh…now its on…I need to start pulling deeper for those lost cinematic memories! Thanks!

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