80s horror movie?

I saw this movie when I was little, around 1989-1991-ish. I’m pretty sure it was rented on vhs from Giant Eagle (grocery store) in Erie PA, that was my family’s favorite place to rent movies. It was in color.

The only scene I remember is a girl being sacrificed, or cursed maybe. There was a girl laying on a table and someone leaning over her. The person pulled up the girls shirt to expose her stomach. I think she may have been pregnat (but not showing)? They put something on her stomach to curse her or whatever, and then a giant worm looking thing came out of the girl’s mouth and the evil person cut it open and poured the worm’s slime on the girl’s stomach.

I would love to know what movie this is and know im not crazy! Lol

Thank you!


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  1. Shivers (1975)? It’s not exactly the same as you describe, however, a girl is put on a table, her shirt is opened and something poured into her stomach. There are giant worm-like parasites throughout the film that appear from the mouths of the infected. You cans see the scene at 6:14 mins in to compare it to what you remember.

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