80’s Fantasy film – Crushed by closing spiked walls?

I remember One scene from a film i watched when i was a child. Only one scene, out of the whole film, but it’s bugged me for years!

All i remember is it would have been a Fantasy type film, late 70’s/eary 80’s, and there were 3-5 people trying to escape from a stone room. At some point in the scene somebody set off a trap which meant 2 of the walls in the room  started moving inwards. These 2 walls were covered in long spikes, and the walls closed up, piercing the 3-5 people that were trapped. That is where my memory ends, and i cannot remember whether something happened so the people survived, or whether the walls continued closing in and killed all the poeple……i can’t rememeer the film, and other scenes, or any of the characters (I would have been 7-9yrs old, 20+ years ago!)

Any ideas!? I know it’s a very, very long shot, but it could put and end to years of wondering!

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