80’s animated movie

This has been driving me crazy almost 20 years, and hopefully someone can help.  This was some type of animated movie (short?) from the early 80s, and from what I can remember was on regular television.  I can’t remember much other than there was an adult female heroin pursed by some evil, male villain–I remember the male villain had this long, flowing hair.  At the end of the movie, the villain falls from the sky and is impaled on the roof of a building.  The movie was in English, and although it was a kid’s animated movie, it somehow seemed to have a very “adult” theme.

2 thoughts on “80’s animated movie

  1. I have a small memory of this scene. I think it might be from Starchaser: The Legend of Orin. I remember there being a conflict between two men (maybe about a woman?) and one is dangling from a height before falling and lands on something spiky.
    There’s also a “falling” scene at the end of “Rock & Rule” but I don’t think the bad guy in impaled, I think he gets sucked into Hell with the demon he was trying to summon.
    I’m sorry my memories aren’t more clear. It’s been decades since I saw the first one, and I was pretty little when I did. I watched Rock & Rule a few times, but it was years ago.

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