80’s 90’s Movie about reading and Slavery

Hi I’m looking for a movie that I believe might be a made for school movie.

I remember watching the movie when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade (around 1992). I remember watching the movie when I was at school.

I don’t think it was a popular movie, but one of those family values/PBS type movies that schools used to show.

The movie is very similar (in my mind at least) to the movie “Brother Future”. In that movie, a black teen who doesn’t care about education or school goes back in time to slavery days and learns the value of having an education (in short).


In the movie I am wondering about, I remember two scenes.

  1. The black teen could not read, so he had to fill out an application. He tricked whoever it was at the DMV (or where ever he was) that he had just had eye drops, which was why he couldn’t fill out the application. The person (who I believe was a female) read him the questions and he had her write the answers for him
  2. The teen ended up going back in time to slavery in the United States as well. I believe he met Harriet Tubman (or someone else). In the climax of the movie the black teen does a Karate Kid like “Crane Kick” to either the slave master or the overseer.


That is all I remember about the movie. Hopefully, I’m not mixing things up in my mind and the info is accurate. Any help would be great!!

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