70s Shrinking Kids movie?

I’ve been trying to find the name of a movie about kids being shrunk that I saw at the saturday matinee, it would’ve been mid to late 70s. Much later on when i first heard about Honey I shrunk the kids, i remember thinking: that’s the same plot as the film i saw as a child.

I did a ton of research but haven’t been able to find it. I did find the TV show Dr Shrinker from that period which does have the same scene of shrunk kids running through the grass, but i strongly recall that the kids were shrunk by some kind of chemical they ate, not a shrinking ray. I think it was green.

I’m wondering if it might’ve been a foreign language movie that was dubbed, perhaps Italian. It feels like it was one of those live action Disney titles from the period but i went through the whole back catalogue and didn’t see it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, it’s driving me nuts! Thanks.

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  1. Karik and Valya’s Remarkable Adventures ( the American name of a Russian film ) but that was 1987, Which if I remember correctly was based off the same book as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids ( i.e. The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Valya, only the Disney movie was very very loosely based on the book whereas the Russian film was closer to the book ).

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