70s or 80s sci fi movie, with alien sidekick with a gun that is powered by orange balls

This was a sci fi/fantasy movie I saw on the U.S. cable station ‘Showtime’ in the early 80’s, probably between 1980-1983… The main character was a typical athletic guy, possibly with a female (human or alien type) partner as well — but what I specifically remember is the main character’s sidekick having this weapon: A rifle, medium sized, that shot these metal bolts or arrows, and the gun was powered by these small orange balls (no bigger than a ping pong ball, no smaller than a superball, with a kind of soft/fuzzy texture perhaps?), he loaded the gun a couple times in the movie, there was a little compartment for the ball, after shooting he’d turn it over (I think), open it and eject the ‘spent’ ball… I’m pretty sure he found these balls on trees…!  I think most of it was on a planet/earth, not in space… I think there were barbarians, and some kind of native ‘swamp beast’ or something recurring that would attack them… Any ideas at all on this one?

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  1. FINALLY!! Got a “self-solve” here, after searching for two weeks and asking everyone I knew, I finally (and somewhat randomly) landed on this film on youtube after dredging lists of scifi/fantasy films from the 70’s and 80’s. The description I wrote above was related to me by a close friend, and his descriptions were pretty much dead-on if anyone has seen the movie! The film is “PRISONERS OF THE LOST UNIVERSE” (1983), check at about 21:15 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyTzFDkC-EM … all the other stuff is there too, barbarians, the ‘typical athletic lead male’, the female companion, etc… My buddy was elated when I told him I had finally found it… it’s goin’ up on the big projector screen this weekend lol…

    On another note, even though I didn’t get a reply to help me here, this is a great site with a great idea behind it… Nostalgia lives in every corner, what a wonderful thing to help people reunite with lost memories again… Cheers!

    And no… I’m not expecting a “solve point” for this… LOL 😉

  2. Thanks for letting us know you found it! Hopefully you can help someone else out with their mystery movie and get your karmic solve.

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