70s movie with kids in cave

I remember a scene from a late movie from around 1980.  There was a group of kids trapped underground in a cave or something.  They were trying to find a way out but had to cross a portion of the tunnel that was waist to chest deep in water.  I remember them carrying their clothes over there heads.  That’s all I can remember of it.  I have not seen it since, so it probably wasn’t very popular.  The version I saw was in English, but it may have been dubbed, as some other movies I watched from the same time period.

4 thoughts on “70s movie with kids in cave

  1. It’s not Fortress and definitely not as popular as Goonies. I should have mentioned it wasn’t Fortress in the description.

  2. An anecdote. It was watching Fortress, that reminded me of the one I am asking about. I remember thinking, that it made sense to carry your clothes over your head to keep them dry, but why bother to remove them when you are going to be swimming underwater. Wouldn’t it be easier to wear the clothes through the underground tunnel than try to drag them through with you? You could then take them off to wring them out and dry in the sun after your escape.

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