70’s French film

I think it was a French movie from the 70’s and what I can vaguely remember is: A guy having an argument on a phone booth, the he hangs the phone in anger tears up a photo and walks out. Another guy goes in the same phone booth pics the photo pieces up, it’s a girl, and he then tries desperately to find who she is until he finally meets her.

And that’s about all I can remember. If anyone can help me out finding out this movie I would really appreciated.


Many thanks

Luis Pessoa

One thought on “70’s French film

  1. Sorry this is so late, but something similar to this happened in Amelie. Looked up the IMDB movie connections, and a 1979 film called Love on the Run (L’amour en fuite) came up:


    with the note “the main character in L’amour en fuite … falls in love with a woman whose shredded photograph he discovers inside a telephone booth”

    I think this may be the one you wanted.

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